Completion Bits

Today's completion drill out applications demand highly specialized bit technology to keep pace with completion and drilling technology advancements. Through a rigorous process of testing, evaluation, and data collection, Taurex has developed a full suite of application specific completion drill out bits to maximize efficiency and performance in the most demanding applications. The rapid advancement and implementation of the FracDrill™, Bore Haug™, and HA-2P products have proven to provide substantial cost savings to customers through reducing non-productive-time and risk while maximizing performance.

Taurex is recognized as one of the leading providers of completion bits in the U.S.




FracDrill™ Series

The FracDrill™ Series is designed to maximize durability, reduce motor stalls, and keep cuttings small. The engineered design protects the PDC cutting elements, extending the life of the drill bit and BHA components for longer laterals with higher plug counts.

• Drill more plugs with fast plug times and small cuttings
• Reduce the risk of a trip with the reliability of a PDC bit
• Mitigate non-productive-time (NPT)
• Consistent performance with no moving parts
• Overcome the technical limitations of junk mills with a proven, winning technology

High Plug Counts Require a More Advanced Solution

Compare FracDrill™ to Traditional Roller Cone Bits

  • Drill more plugs
  • No cones to leave in the hole
  • No moving parts
  • Not limited by bottom hole temperatures
  • Not reliant on bearing life
  • Drills wider spectrum of plug types
  • More durable cutting structure

Compare FracDrill™ to Traditional Junk Mills

  • Drill more plugs
  • Smaller cuttings size
  • Consistently maintain OD
  • More durable cutting structure
  • Engineered product
  • More consistent performance



McClain County, OK

4.5” FracDrill™ (Fd609)
37 Plugs
13 Drill Hrs
21.1 Min/Plug

  • Job Type: Drill-Out Composite Frac Plugs
  • 2-7/8” Stick Pipe
  • Conventional (no mtr)
  • Flow In: 4.0 BPM
  • WHP: 400, CIRC PSI: 2.1k
  • Offset well with same operator utilized same  plug type, BHA, parameters, etc. with a different  bit type
Taurex Drill Time Graph



Lavaca County, TX

4.5” FracDril™l (Fd609)
Completed two consecutive wells consisting of 50
Total Plugs Drilled – 18.6 Drill Hrs. – 22.2 Min/Plug Avg.

  • Job Type: Drillout Composite Frac Plugs
  • Operator control drilled at target 20 min/plug to  reduce cuttings size which eliminated need for  wiper trips
  • 2-3/8” Coiled Tubing
  • ~277°F BHT
  • Motor: 3-1/8” 5/6 lobe, 3.5 stg, 2.1 rpg
  • • 3.5 BPM
  • • WHP: 3.1k, Circ PSI: 6.4k
  • Well #1 – 23 plugs
  • Well #2 – 27 plugs
  • Both wells contained same 15K composite plug type  consisting of cast iron wicker style upper and lower slips



Weld County, CO

Weld County, CO 3.75” FracDrill™ (Fd509) Completed two consecutive wells consisting of 70 Total Plugs Drilled – 7.5 Drill Hrs. – 6.4 Min/Plug Avg. Offset Junk Mill run on same pad with same plug type as well #1 was measured at 3/16” under gauge after drilling only 35 plugs. FracDrill™ maintained full 3.75” gauge OD after drilling 70 plugs.

  • Job Type: Drillout Composite Frac Plugs
  • 2-3/8” Stick Pipe
  • Motor: 2-7/8” 2.85 rpg
  • Flow In: 2.5 BPM
  • WHP: 1.1k, Circ PSI: 2.3k
  • Well #1 – 35 plugs consisting of 12K plugs with cast  iron wicker style upper and lower slips
  • Well #2 – 35 plugs consisting of 12K plugs with  powdered metal insert style upper slips and cast iron  wicker style lower slips


Q: I’m worried about torque and its relation to motor stalls. How does FracDrill™ compare to junk mill bits in regards to torque?

A. FracDrill™ was specifically engineered to reduce torque response by managing the over-engagement of cutters. Field test data has validated FracDrill’s™ low tq response and demonstrated that its tq is equal to, or less than, that of a junk mill.

Q: I’m worried about torque and its relation to motor stalls. How does FracDrill™ compare to junk mill bits in regards to torque?

A. FracDrill™ was designed to manage the depth of cut and therefore reduces the size of the cuttings. When compared to junk mills, field test data and customer reports verify similar to smaller cutting sizes.

Q: Junk mills are cheap and disposable. Why should I consider the FracDrill™ completion bit?

A. Junk mills are cheap and disposable. However, they continue to have issues in regards to consistency, durability, and reliability. With advancements in fracking technology and increasing stage counts, the technical limits of Junk mills are being exceeded in today’s challenging drillout jobs. FracDrill™ represents the most cost effective and advanced frac plug drilling solution on the market today with specific case studies to prove it. (See the FracDrill™ case studies which show FracDrill™ consistently and reliably maintaining OD with faster plug times and smaller cutting sizes than that of a junk mill.)

Q: We have trouble transferring weight further out in our laterals. Does the FracDrill™ require more weight on bit than a junk mill to drill efficiently?

A. We have not received any concerns or complaints about the amount of WOB needed on any FracDrill™ runs. One reason is that a PDC bit requires less WOB than roller cones or junk mills. Roller cones fail material through compressive failure that typically requires higher WOB than failing through shearing failure. Junk mills will typically have far more load bearing/face points of contact as compared to FracDrill™, and should therefore require more WOB to effectively engage and fail plug materials.

Roller Cone Completion Bits

For more than 15 years Taurex has been the exclusive partner for Kingdream’s JZ Rock and Completion bits. These bits consistently exceed their competitors in performance, technology, and pricing. Our line of roller cone completion bits is available from 3-5/8" to 5" in 1/8" increments.

Our JZ roller cone bits are now available for selection and order online.

Our premium line of JZ Bits are the latest designs from the Kingdream engineering team. These new designs incorporate advanced design features including cutter geometry, insert material, new bearing designs, and some of the most advanced sealing technologies worldwide.

Each series is designed for specific drilling applications. The HA series features sealed bearing completion bit lines, and has been proven to be an excellent choice for drilling frac plugs.

JZ Rock Bits have proven through the years of service to offer advantages that very few, if any, of our competitors can provide. These bits consistently exceed the competitions' in performance, technology, and pricing.

Drill composite frac plugs with high stage counts, high RPMs, and high bottom hole temperatures quickly and reliably with the market leader, the JZ Completion Bits.

PA Series Bore Haug™

Developed specifically for completion drill out applications, the patent pending Bore Haug™ incorporates alternating mill tooth (MT) and tungsten carbide insert (TCI) compacts. The optimized cutting structure of the PA Series produces a strategically balanced distribution of MT and TCI to maximize durability and drilling efficiency

JZ New Patent Pending Technology – Bore Haug™

  • Extended Bit Life through improved bearing technology
  • Maximized Durability and Drilling Efficiency through balanced distribution of MT and TCI compacts across profile
  • Enhanced Stability, Durability, and Friction Reduction through improved gauge protection

In production applications, these bits have a history of success drilling RPM @50 up to 500 RPM under very low WOB(<3klbs) for relatively low on bottom hours.

Images depicted my not be representative of actual bit size. Please contact your Taurex representative for recommendations for your individual well.



Weld County, CO

4.625” Bore Haug™
64 Plugs – 8.8 Mill Hrs. – 8.2 min/plug

  • Job Type: Drillout Composite FracPlugs
  • 64 Boss Hog
  • 2 7/8” Coil Tubing
  • 0 Motor Stalls
  • 4.4 BPM
  • WHP: 2400 psi, PUMP PSI: 4300 psi



Howard County, TX

4.75” Bore Haug™
62 Plugs -27 Mill Hrs. –26.6 min/plug

• Job Type: Drillout Composite FracPlugs
• 1 Kill Plug
• 60 Halliburton Obsidians
• 2 7/8” Stick Pipe
• 0 Motor Stalls
• 3.3 BPM
• WHP: 235 psi, PUMP PSI: 3.9 kpsi




Midland County, TX

4.625” Bore Haug™
45 Plugs – 9.5 Mill Hrs. – 12.7 min/plug

• Job Type: Drillout Composit FracPlugs
   • 45 Halliburton Obsidians
• Coil Tubing
• 0 Motor Stalls
• 4.4 BPM
• WHP: 1 Kpsi, PUMP PSI: 6.0 kpsi
• Cutting sizes reported to be small-med until end

HA Completion Series

The New JZ HA-2P Completion Bit
(Formerly the HA-2G)

Three Important Enhancements to Our Popular HA-2G Completion Bit:

Improved bearing reliability extends the bit life and lets you consistently complete your interval in one run which has earned the JZ HA Series bit its position as the industry standard completion bit. Plus, with an increased seal temperature rating and bearing wear resistance, the HA-2P completion bit greatly improves reliability in high temperature, high RPM environments. (See Case Study #1)

Optimized cutting structure and improved durability meets the needs of today's high plug count wells. With a sharp cutting structure, the bit produces finer cuttings and increases milling efficiency saving you time and money. (See Case Studies #2 and #3)

Improved gauge protection reduces frictional heat close to seal area protecting the bit head OD from wear. This enhanced bit head protection provides stability and durability.

More Technical Professionals Choose JZ Completion Bits Over Any Other Brand *

 #1 in 2014 market share at 36.24% based on Pacwest Consulting Partners WellQ study estimation of 27,110 U.S. land total wells frac'd in 2014, average 1 bit/mill per frac'd well.



JZ HA-2P Completion Bit Demonstrates Superior
Seal & Bearing Reliability by Drilling 38 Plugs in 4.2
Mill Hours at 7 Minutes-Per-Plug in McMullen County, TX

  • Job Type: Drillout Composite Frac Plugs
  • Bit Size: 4.5"
  • BHT: ~275°F
  • Bit Revs: ~458,816
  • BPM: 3.5
  • WHP: 3k, PMP PSI: 5.4k
  • Motor: 2 7/8" 5/6 lobe, 4.7 stg, 3.4 rpg
  • Note: All seals and bearings effective; 1 motor stall for entire well



JZ HA-2P Completion Bit Shows Strong cutting
Structure and Drill 30 Plugs in 2.8 Mill Hours at 6.2
Minutes-Per-Plug in Karnes County, TX

Fast mill times (6.2 minute) combined with these
small cuttings reduce the need for short trips
providing significant cost savings.

Note the almost new cutting structure showing the
durability of the cutting structure as it maintains a
sharp cutting structure with fast mill times.

Job Type:
Drillout Composite Frac Plugs
2” Tapered Coiled Tubing
~275°F BHT
2 7/8” 5/6 lobe, 4.7 stg, 3.4 rpg Mtr
Avg 11.1 minutes/wash down
3 Motor Stalls for entire well
3.0 BPM
3.5k, PMP PSI: 6.1k




JZ HA-2P Completion Bit Eliminates Short Trips
and Produces Extra Fine Cuttings While Drilling 38
lugs in 15.5 Mill Hours at 24.5 Minutes-Per-Plug in
the Marcellus

Actual extra-fine cuttings sent in by our customer at the end of 2015. Cuttings this fine can eliminate short trips as they did in this case study which ultimately save you money.



Q. What advantages do JZ Completion bits offer over a mill?

A. JZ Completion Bits offer two distinct advantages over traditional mills for milling frac plugs, reduced torque, and finer cuttings. Reduced torque results in fewer motor stalls and longer down hole tool life. Second, JZ Completion Bits mill plugs into finer cuttings relative to traditional mills. With finer cuttings, the hole is easier to keep clean and there is a reduced chance of getting stuck.

Q. Will JZ Completion Bits hold up to these operating parameters?

A. While being utilized in a drilling environment, a bit is constantly engaged with formation, cement, etc. Therefore, every revolution the bit makes is realized on the seals and bearing surfaces. If a bit is on bottom for 60 hours @ 100 RPMs, the bit will have realized 360 KREV, which is within manufacturer recommendations. While being utilized on coiled tubing with a PDM to drill frac plugs, a bit is only engaged while actually milling a plug. Thus, the time while pumping sweeps and tagging the next plug, a bit is experiencing negligible wear. If a bit mills 20 plugs at an average of 20 min/plug at 450 RPMs, the bit will have realized 180 KREV, which is well below manufacturer recommendations. Since getting into the completion market, JZ Bits has a known failure rate of less than 0.07%.