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Leading the Charge in Drill Bit Innovation:

Run With The Bull

Out of the top 7 drill bit suppliers in the US, Taurex ranked #1 from 2022-2023 in overall customer satisfaction.

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Introducing Bitvision™

100% of Taurex PDC bit runs undergo the BitVision™ Process. This advanced AI technology evaluates Diamond Area Removed (DAR) through advanced dull analysis, with up to .003 of an inch accuracy, ensuring unmatched precision and performance in every bit.

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PDC Drill Bits:

Where Drilling and Data Collide

Taurex has made a strategic shift towards automating the dull PDC evaluation process. Incorporating automated photography, scanning, and machine learning models we are able to generate a digital twin and establish a scalable dataset of precise wear information for each dull drill bit. The shift is a stark contrast to the industry’s traditional approach, relying on small sample sizes and subjective manual analyses.

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Drill Bits:

Completion Drill Bits

Our portfolio of Rollercone and Completion drill bits includes revolutionary solutions like FracDrill™, Bore Haug™, and Fullbore™, delivering heightened efficiency and performance while curbing costs and risks. In addition, we hold world records in single bha completion drillouts of up to 263 plugs and 15 drillouts over 200 plugs.

PA Series Bore Haug™

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Fullbore™ Completion Bit

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Drill Bits:

Roller Cone Drill Bits

Our Roller Cone drill bits are a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence. They’re engineered to tackle the most challenging drilling tasks with precision and power. Backed by comprehensive comparison charts, enlightening case studies, and in-depth k-rev sheets, these bits are your partners in achieving unparalleled drilling performance.

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