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Roller Cones

HF Series

The Hard Formation Series is designed specifically for hard rock drilling applications. These bits incorporate advanced cutting structures, gauge protection, and material technology all specifically designed for hard rock drilling. These design features reduce problems associated with hard formation drilling such as well bore diameter reduction, low ROP, and cone shell erosion.

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HF Roller cone

HF Series Key Advantages


The cutting structure of the HF Series is designed with computer simulation on the basis of large quantities of hard rock drilling tests on a drilling simulator as well as failure analysis of field tests in various hard rock formations. Superior material used for the cutting elements improves wear resistance and impact resistance. The design equalizes the load of each compact and maximizes the cutting action of each compact.


HF Series Bits are designed with a journal bearing for higher weight on bit applications. Bearing capacity and anti-galling capability are both improved by applying hardfacing on head bearing surface and silver-plating on cone bearing surface. The seal design can be either the standard O-ring seal or the metal face seal for higher RPM applications.


HF Series Bits come with an enhanced gauge protection package. The hardfacing on the shirttail is reinforced and covers a larger area for better protection of the sealing area. Compacts are fitted in shanks with a certain exposure to reduce wear on bit head and grease reservoir area. In addition, the gauge protection is reinforced by utilizing double rows of buttons on the gauge rows of the cone.

HF Series bits can be equipped with PDC cutters in heel row, gauge row, and head OD when used for drilling more abrasive formations.

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