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Beyond Hybrid Completion Bits

The FullBore Completion Bit

Uniquely designed for completion applications, this bit combines multiple technological innovations centered around materials and design.

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Fullbore Completion Bit

Taurex’s FullBore design incorporates a full Tungsten Carbide Insert (TCI) layout, producing a more robust cutting structure compared to legacy hybrid designs that implement less durable steel teeth (ST) in conjunction with TCI’s. This advancement results in extended bit life, improved dull condition, smaller cutting sizes and improved gauge retention.

Pushing Boundaries

FullBore Advancements

*All bits are from the same pad, 70+ plugs, and all had effective seals.


Design Advancements

  • 100% TCI’s in all rows for maximum durability, completely removing erosion/wear-prone steel teeth
  • Improved drilling efficiency through increased point loading due to TCI crest being sharper than traditional milled teeth
  • Optimized tungsten carbide grade to improve impact toughness
  • Optimal distribution of TCI’s to maximize drilling efficiency with minimal weight on bit


Alternating insert orientation benefits:

  • Produce smaller cuttings through slicing and shredding effect created by multidirectional insert orientation
  • Implementation of a more aggressive insert geometry to improve drilling efficiency and produce smaller cuttings
  • Improved shirttail and shank protection to reduce the potential for seal damage and maintain a full gauge bit

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Taurex Roller Cone Completion Bits

For more than 15 years Taurex has been the exclusive partner for Kingdream’s JZ Rock and Completion bits. These bits consistently exceed their competitors in performance, technology, and pricing. Our line of roller cone completion bits is available from 3-5/8″ to 5″ in 1/8″ increments. Our premium line of JZ Bits are the latest designs from the Kingdream engineering team. These new designs incorporate advanced design features including cutter geometry, insert material, new bearing designs, and some of the most advanced sealing technologies worldwide.

Each series is designed for specific drilling applications. The HA series features sealed bearing completion bit lines, and has been proven to be an excellent choice for drilling frac plugs. JZ Rock Bits have proven through the years of service to offer advantages that very few, if any, of our competitors can provide. These bits consistently exceed the competitions’ in performance, technology, and pricing. Drill composite frac plugs with high stage counts, high RPMs, and high bottom hole temperatures quickly and reliably with the market leader, the JZ Completion Bits.

Our JZ roller cone bits are now available for selection and order online.

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