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Custom PDC Bits

Taurex has made a strategic shift towards automating the dull PDC evaluation process. Incorporating automated photography, scanning, and machine learning models we are able to generate a digital twin and establish a scalable dataset of precise wear information for each dull drill bit. The shift is a stark contrast to the industry’s traditional approach, relying on small sample sizes and subjective manual analyses.


Txd/Tsd Directrac

The Txd/Tsd Series from Taurex is designed to generate a consistent torque response to enhance tool face control in directional environments. The layout, features, and cutters are customized to deliver high ROP in any directional application.


Txs/Tss Speedset

The Speedset series is designed to maximize ROP and footage. The series incorporates optimized cutter layouts and profile that results in a smooth distribution of torque and work load from cone to shoulder.


Txt/Tst Toughset

The Txt/Tst Toughset series offers improved durability in difficult drilling environments. This series leads the charge in hard rock drilling by stabilizing individual cutting elements and distributing work across the profile.


Shankless Bit

Discover the cutting-edge performance of Taurex’s latest innovation – Shankless PDC bits. Designed to excel in the most challenging directional applications, these bits empower operators to achieve unparalleled success in drilling operations. Whether employing a steerable motor assembly or a rotary steerable system, the reduced make-up length of our shankless PDC bits allows for enhanced precision and responsiveness in steering. Taurex’s shankless PDC bits deliver exceptional results by bringing the bit face closer to the motor bend or RSS steering unit, ensuring improved steering accuracy and precise well placement.

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